Chelsea enter Hull collect 3 points clean

When your last movie didn’t get the desired accolades,the movie director will have to put in extra efforts,double check areas of major mistakes just to be sure he’s on track for a good movie next time.This was the case of Chelsea’s manager Antonio Conte..standing in the touchline yelling to the actor’s on other words telling his players to challenge for every ball and be more purposeful..that is if I echoed his thoughts correctly.

With two Premier league defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal,The boys from Stamford bridge played with renewed vigor as they defeated Hull city 2-0 to record their 4th EPL win of the season..Unlike the game against Liverpool were they sat too deep waiting for loose ball to break on the counter,Conte’s men took the game to the host from the get go putting pressure on the opponents defence..Im still wondering how Chelsea didn’t go ahead in the first half..A few near misses from both sides ended the half goaless..After the break the visitors were more eager to score with Diego Costa hitting the woodwork after making his way past Hull’s goalie..Willian then put Chelsea ahead with a fantastic strike and minutes later Costa(call him a bully or a fighter)doubled the lead for Chelsea after a solo run by Matic which was blocked..Antonio Conte despite two goals up still deployed three attack minded players as subs(Oscar,Pedro and Bashuayi at different times though) which is a pointer to how much he wants to.score more goals..

In case una dey wait for flogging today..sorry I nor flogg any player cos dey kpef me wella..but Marcos Alonso needs to begin chop unripe platain plus ugwu to get more power like Ngolo Kante..

so with 4 wins,a draw and two losses..Chelsea are still title it or not…look outside your window’ll see the sky remains blue


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