Cardiff City No be Who First Call Police na him dey win case..

Hello My Chelsea pipu..loool. Make una no vex o ..Na that Kanu Advertisement for Television na him i dey copy..the advert dey scatter my head, the tin too Funny.  Oya back to business.  Cardiff City think say dem go come my house carry my pot of soup go their house abi? Una first score me 1-0 dey believe say na una go win abi? Park well. Because Arsenal use una wash hand u wan use Stamford Bridge Console una sef..Una neva hear so no be who first call police na him dey win case.?

Baba Maurizio Sarri, ever since him show London don make am clear say him want to improve Chelsea and make the club a more stronger team. For this match, him drop Alvaro Morata, boy wey no dey see road clear, instead him trust Olivier Giroud to provide the ginja for Hazard to Kpef. That decision work, as Giroud just con dey combine with Hazard as if na the same mama born two of them.

Hazard wan kill person sha, The guy sharp die.. score Hattrick wey help us win our fifth consecutive game of the season catapulting us to the Top of the table.

                                      man of the match Hazard

Hear Wetin baba Sarri Talk after Match. “I thought that Hazard was one of the best players in Europe,” “But now I change my mind – maybe he is the best now.”

Dem say the words of our elders na Voice of the gods..Who wan follow Sarri  argue dat one? if i hear

Cardiff start the match with Ginja sha i no lie, and deserved the lead through one guy wey him name be like new dancestep  “Bamba,” but Chelsea’s quality no be made in China. We chop the first punch, chest am ..con give our own.

Hazard use vex fire one low 37th-minute strike inside their net to make it 1-1 and before you go say Jack Robinson .him fire another one after Oliveir Giroud did well in the Danger Area. Na him make i like Giroud even if him no score at least him go work hard for the team..Unlike one guy like dat wey go just dey look .. i no go mention him name. After we make am 2-1..we no even be like people wey dey play serious match as Cardiff con kno say Music don change. we just control the game 100%  . Possesion stat been Read Chelsea 77% and Cardif 23%..see gap!

Hazard been put in 1 more goal to seal the Hattrick while Willian con fire one kind kpefilicious shot inside net..Him use dat one tell Sarri say, Boss i dey good enough to start for this team.

4-1 the Match end and the Blues balance untop the Premiership table like chairman..No shaking.

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