Boxing: Tony Bellew defeats David Haye again

After they both first Met 14 months ago where Tony Bellew won an 11 rounds grudge match David Haye 37 was again defeated by the Scouse Bomber. This Time Tony didn’t need 11 rounds as 3 knock downs within 5 rounds and that was it. Haye began the better fighter confidently landing rights on Bellews head. But he soon faded as the Everton fan Tony Bellew began to find his range.

Haye did not have a prayer against a fired-up and emotional Bellew. who took command of this rematch from the first bell.

The triumphant Bellew spoke of his travails after the fight .


Bellew said: “I just want to say I lost my brother-in-law in August and I swear to God he was watching me and he was there with me tonight for every punch.

“Ashley, that was for you. I miss him so much. I’m broke. All week I’ve been on my own in the hotel and each night I’ve cried.”

After destroying Haye, Bellew had kind words for his vanquished opponent, whose diminishing speed left him vulnerable to the Everton fan’s crushing power.

Bellew added: “David Haye is an amazing fighter, he just got caught in a slugfest. He’s a great fighter, he has got crazy power but speed and power always decreases.

 Tony Bellew appeared to be wobbled early on, but bounced back and demolished David Haye

Haye began the fight well rocking Bellew.


“He is a legend, a credit to the sport and I’m just happy I’ve got the win against the odds.”

Haye has always said that even if he won he would consider retiring if he did not look good.

Well Haye delivered another stinker — and now there is nowhere for him to go other than the retirement home.

But he said: “Is this the end? I don’t know. It didn’t feel that good in there tonight and I will have to review the tapes to see exactly what went wrong.

“Tony boxed a great fight. He did some really clever stuff. He boxed really good. I didn’t, plain and simple. He had a great game plan and I had no answer. I enjoyed the battle as tough as it was. We are a similar stature and that’s why we put on a great fight.

 Tony Bellew beat David Haye for a second time at London's O2 Arena

But Bellew bounced back and put Haye down twice.



First round Bellew tried to land the first big shot with a swinging overhand right but Haye moved smartly out of range and got the crowd going with a short sharp right but it lacked real power.

In the second, Haye unsuccessfully tried to cut the ring off and force Bellew on to the ropes. Both were giving plenty of respect but Haye landed the heavier shots although Bellew took them well, holding his arms outstretched as if to say, ‘Is that all you’ve got?’

The crowd were impatient for the third, screaming for more action — and they got what they demanded as Bellew unleashed a thunderous short right that dropped Haye.

He was up but down again in the shadow of the bell to end a blistering third round. Haye took a fearful battering from Bellew in the fourth and did well to hang on.

With the fight barely into the fifth, Haye needed a miracle KO to take care of Bellew.

But the Scouser battered the Londoner and Haye was out on his feet when Foster stepped in.

It was a sad end but there was no escaping the harsh truth… Haye’s best days are history.

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