Bloodied Neymar told to MAN-UP by Bolivian Defender after Clash

Bolivia defender Yasmani Duk is refusing to apologise after elbowing Neymar and demands that the Barcelona forward stops his ‘Charlie Big Balls behaviour’.

Duk has been in the headlines after catching Neymar full in the face during his country’s World Cup Qualifier against Brazil on Thursday – a blow which caused a gash on his eyebrow to bleed heavily.

Many sections of the media accused the 28-year-old of being over-aggressive but the player has justified his actions as part and parcel of the game, and even found time to take a swipe at the Barcelona man.

Neymar was being a bit too cocky – he was like that with all of us throughout the game, but all I was trying to do was cut off a move – which is what happens all the time in football,’ Duk told AS

‘Everyone knows the sport has its physical side – I had my nose broken and no one says a word.

‘To become the best player in the world, he’s got to stop this  poster boy behaviour and start showing some respect for his opponents.’

Despite the rough treatment aimed towards him, Neymar has been urged to show more ‘maturity’ by Brazil boss Tite after picking up a needless booking that will keep him out of their next World Cup qualifier against Venezuela on Wednesday.

‘There were mistakes from the referee, with an excess of fouls derived from a lack of punishment to them,’ the coach told reporters.

‘And we – Neymar and me – we need maturity to understand that we’ll have to bear these kind of situations, too.’

Brazil ran out 5-0 victors over the Bolivians goals from Firminho, Coutinho and Luiz.
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