Forget the Noise. Arsenal were always going to get battered last night. The defenders im sure knew it and were probably hoping and praying that Liverpool will have a bad night offensively. Those prayers if rendered were not answered. Arsenal were slaughtered like Christmas chicken. As an Arsenal fan this performance was worrying. Its not even the defenders alone  now, all Arsenal fans know we don’t have a defence. The fact however, that these guys who are supposed to be seasoned professionals cannot look for a way to say to themselves ok, Lets get tight and do this or do that  in-order to bring some kind of organization to bear at the back in a game such as this is just sad.

All the pre-game talk  was about Ozil (again) and frankly its getting annoying as hell all the drama surrounding this guy..Come January its either we sell him or play him..I am not having this ridiculous excuses anymore. Back spasms today, Sickness tomorrow, Knee, today, Tongue tomorrow..enough is enough. Its becoming a sideshow. We have enough problems on the pitch to sort out &  can’t let this Ozil thing become a cankerworm.

We began with Leno, Leichsteiner, Sokratis, Mustafi ,Kolasinac, Ramsey, Iwobi, Torreira,XHAKA,Aubameyang,Maitland Niles.


Got off to a good start, Iwobi bursting forward to square a sweetball to Niles who tapped home. 1-0 Gunners. What followed next is probably the worst 35mins of horror defending iv ever seen in my years of watching football. Not even the Super Eagles re-knowned for bad defending could have been as  bad. Their eQualizer was a ball that should have been easily cleared instead Leichsteiner and Mustafi managed to bungle things and the ball richochet of the Backside of Mustafi and fell into the path of Firminio to finish. Firmino who hasn’t managed a goal in 1million years o..

The goal for 2-1 was a real shame. Torriera got caught on half way Firmino bore down on goal and took out both Mustafi and Sokratis in one deft move and had the helpless Leno to slot past. It needs seeing to believe just how easy it was for the brazilian to cut Arsenal apart.

Third goal Kolasinac only God knows what he was thinking. He made a stupid pass under no pressure to Leno it went out for a corner. Corner got cleared. They floated a ball over the Top Leichsteiner was playing Salah onside, The Egyptian laid the ball across for Mane who had the simple task of scoring with no defender making any effort to get accross to intercept. chai..The last two goals were penalties. Both Deserved ,end of. nothing to say about them..

Sokratis PENALTY was probably soft as Salah went down easy but yes i agree his tackles there were poor. As for Kolasinac, he was spotted for shoving Lovren in the back.

So we got the beating that our defensive showing deserved but what is the problem with us defensively. How are we this bad? Why can’t these internationals who play for their Country form a Unit. Is it the Manager? I must say its embarrasing. Fulham, Cardiff and co- go to Anfield and get respectable results we go there year after year and get smacked.

Omo i tire , Emery at least until the board gives u money ..Get your defensive unit in order. Drop players , do whatever you have but enough is enough abeg

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