Arsenal vs Liverpool : Gun powder match day 1review

Arsenal is one of those things in my life that never fails to leave me scratching my head.
How we allowed ourselves to enter this new season looking like a side that has just finished
a Full season is beyond me..ok i can accept you cant legislate on injuries like the ones that
hit our 2 first choice defenders (both out for 5months and 2 months respectively) from
happening but when such situations arise you must react fast to counteract it which we failed
to do.

So it ls yet another avoidable opening day defeat for us and i cant stop shaking my head at
this one..
The game began well for us as the players looked up for it. At the back no major sign of the
blood letting that was to come was evident. Everything seemed fine..
Early chances for Ramsey and Alexis (the latter it must be said had a pretty miserable day)
gave the impression it could go well..
That belief was strengthened when Moreno got his timing wrong and brought down Walcott
in the box.Penalty.
Walcott who isnt your regular candidate at the spot for Arsenal ran up and fluffed his take
with a poor attempt. Right height/Right pace for the keeper who made the easy save..
But synonumous with his tupsy turvy life at Arsenal..Walcott was soon celebrating a goal
less than a minute later! 1-0Arsenal.


In a move that saw Coquelin give us a flashback on his breakout season..The midfielder
expertly stopped a Liverpool break dead in its tracks with a fantastic tackle ..Iwobi picked up
the spills..found Theo Walcott in space who then fizzed a low angled drive in to the bottom
right corner( the angle he should have been aiming for on the penalty).
Arsenal were ahead and life seemed great..Until Rob holding was called for a harsh foul at
the edge of the box just before halftime..and what was to follow was just unreal..
Coutinho took a disgustingly good freekick that sailed high above the wall and straight into
the top corner..exquisite stuff . A superb morale boosting equalizer for them a dagger on the
contrary for Arsenal. Half time:1-1

The second half began like the Arsenal players came out of the changing room with that
Coutinho Free kick on replay in thier heads like an annoying GIF.
They looked listless as Liverpool settled down to business..Neat interplay on the left saw
Llana control a lofted pass into the Arsenal danger area and despite the narrowing angle
found a way to beat Cech..questions for me arise on the goal keeping on that goal as i think
Cech had the advantage of the tight angle to stop that but you also have to point out the ball
watching the defence was guilty of as the lofted Pass was made to Llalana.
That goal sapped the wind from our sails and it was evident as confusion ran amock in the
defence..A condident Liverpool smelt blood and turned the screw..Coutinho was soon
haunting us again as he finished off a lovely passing move from a Nathaniel Clyne fizzing
At this point the Arsenal team didnt know what hit them..i felt a little sorry for chambers and
Holding..particularly Holding..who was getting a baptism of pure fire on his Big day out as a
young recruit..
Then it was Sadio Mane’s turn to inflict more misery on the home a seemingly
innocous run down the right..Chambers and Monreal contrived to let the guy out muscle and
outwit them on his way to making it 1-4 with a solo run that made our defence look very was poor defending and the embarrasment was complete..

Wenger introduced the OX and the lively forward who had been good all preseason
danced his way through the Liverpool defence and fired past Mignolet..(shocking goal keeping from
him has to be said).

Chambers on the dot of the 75th minute got the hopes up again with a 3rd goal from
Substitute Carzolas freekick..the stadium temporarily found its voice but the equalizer neva


I recall telling someone on twitter that if the tables were turned and we were the ones leading
Liverpool at Anfeild 4-1
and they got to within a goal from making it 4-4
with 15mins on the clock they chances are they would have gotten it..

That is an indictment on us all.. the fans, players, and manager we seem like we almost
accept the mentality of mishap too a self fulfilling eventuality.we will need to shake it
off and show more of that winners fighting spirit going forward this term

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