96 year old man Marries 93 year old Lover ..Vows not even death can part them

A 96-year-old man, James Andorful over the weekend married his 93-year-old lover, Margaret Manuel.

The aged couple, who already have nine children together have been living together for 50 years but had never solemnized their Union.

They were married at a pentecostal church in Ghana


96 family

couple pose for a picture with Grand children


Speaking at the ceremony, the Pastor, Rev James Oko Barnor, confessed that it was difficult advising such a couple in view of their long years of relationship.

He added that he was excited to see the couple take the decision to tie the knot however.

Preaching on a sermon titled “Unless they understand each other” from Amos 3:3, Pastor Barnor indicated “If two persons can live under one roof for 50 years in a relationship, it means they understood each other”.

According to him, one thing leading to divorce and separation in Ghana has to do with people comparing themselves to others.

He recalled that in the past, couples understood each other without comparing themselves with others.

Pastor Barnor, therefore, urged the members of the congregation to be content with what they have in order to keep their marriage intact till death separates them. To which Mr Andorful responded that Death wouldn’t be enough to part them even.





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