7 year old pays with his life over Brother’s Gang affiliation

Sam Urhie, 21, is a convicted heroin and cocaine dealer. He is thought to be a member of the notorious 814 crew, who are currently involved in a turf war with the Splash Gang in Deptford, South London.

INNOCENT victim Joel Urhie’s is Sam’s Younger brother and was killed in a fire. Recently older brother Sam boasted about selling drugs, a month before their family home was set alight in a suspected gang war arson attack.

Sam is said to have been the target when but Joel 7, died in the blaze.

It is believed the convicted heroin and cocaine dealer is in the notorious 814 crew from Deptford, South London.

And last night there were fears little Joel died because his big brother was on a hit list drawn up by rivals called the Splash Gang.

The turf war between 814 and the Splash Gang, known as SG, is ripping the community apart and cops are working on the theory the feud could be to blame.

A former friend of Sam’s told The Sun: “The SG gang from Grove Park are particularly ­dangerous.

“Sam’s got quite a few enemies from there and I’ve seen them hanging around the area.”

Sam, who gave himself the street name “Skeemz”, got four years and four months’ jail after he admitted possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to supply, and having drug money,in February 2016

Following his release this year he pledged to his family he was going straight.

But they say he was recently targeted in  an attempted stabbing by Gang members.

And on his Twitter account he boasted about selling drugs as recently as last month, saying: “I would of got a 9-5 if the T weren’t booming like it 86”.


T is the shortened version of Tina — street slang for Crystal Meth — while “like it’s 86” means “like it’s going out of fashion”.

Sam is one of hundreds of young men caught up in a worsening feud as gangs in Deptford fight fiercely over territory to increase their profits from drug dealing.

Some residents live in fear for their lives.

They say that on the highly-charged streets anything can get you stabbed or shot.One youngster revealed: “I had a friend who was stabbed for looking at this guy the wrong way.

“And you hear about people being stabbed just for wearing the wrong shoes.

“A lot of the time attacks are for revenge but sometimes they’re over absolutely nothing.

“These are boys with knives strutting around like big men.”

Joel’s mum Sophie, 49, and sister Sarah, 18, escaped the flames in the early hours of Tuesday.

But the child became the 90th victim this year of the gang violence sweeping London, where there were more than 1,300 stabbings in the first half of 2018.

The 814 crew and SG gang regularly trade insults in their drill Rap Music Videos

In one SG video, obese rapper Teddy says if you “f***” with his group, “man a get left like a MDot” — referencing the fatal stabbing of rapper and 814 associate Myron isaac Yarde 17, last year.

Sam is seen blowing smoke in drill artist Kass’s music video On My Own — and 814’s rap has also been featured on DJ Tim Westwood’s YouTube “Crib Session”.

Rival gangs often use the violent musical style to threaten rival gang members.

Gangsters also sometimes refer to their “dip sheet” in the controversial raps — counting the number of people they have stabbed.

But the Violence spills off Youtube into the streets

Deptford drug dealers are thought to be raking in as much as £50,000 a week in profits — and those sort of sums lead to territorial warfare between the gangs.

A neighbour of Sam’s said: “The SG gang come here a lot.

“I was coming back from a party minding my own business when they chased me with a 20-inch blade.”

The neighbour revealed Sam changed from being a “nice, ­normal” kid after discovering drill rap music and drugs.

He said: “We were close when we were kids but he got into drill music and cannabis and then he changed.”

Friends believe Sam may have been targeted because of 814’s expansion in South London.

A local source said: “The 814 are a relatively new group and are an offshoot of the Ghetto Boys, which has been around since the ’80s.

“When there’s a fall out, they create a gang of their own, a splinter group.

“814 have been trying to take over the territory to say we are the big boys. It’s created ­animosity.

“From what I’ve heard, it’s not necessarily about Samuel as an individual but who he associates with.

“He was probably an easier ­target just because they knew where he lived.”

Under his street name Skeemz, Sam’s Twitter feed reveals a young man’s descent into gang culture.

In earlier photos he is a fresh-faced youth with model good looks.

But as the years pass, his messages are laced with gang slang while his features appear more drawn and haggard, with a gold tooth glinting in his sinister smirk.

One picture from January 2016 shows a tot, believed to be his four-year-old son, with wedges of £20 notes scattered on his lap and the caption “MiniSkeemz”.

A picture from August 2017 appears to show him against a white-washed prison wall, defiantly raising a middle finger.

Samuel’s aunt Ruth Urhie, 67, told The Sun: “He was a good boy when he was little and went to church with his mum but that all changed when he reached 12 and started getting into trouble at school.

“He came out of prison four months ago and had visited his mum’s house with his little son and girlfriend recently.”

Tragically, it was Samuel’s ­little brother who paid the ­ultimate price for his gangster lifestyle.

Aunt Ruth continued: “Joel died a horrible death.

“The neighbours said they could hear him ­screaming, ‘Mum, mum’ from the upstairs window.

“Then the smoke took him away.

“Police need to find who did this and lock them up.

“You read about this gang stuff but never think it will happen to your family.”

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