10 year old Boy commits suicide after being bullied

A 10-year-old boy hanged himself after nasty school bullies wrote “kill yourself,  you don’t belong here” on his tablet, according to his devastated mum.

Kevin Reese Jr, who would come from school home crying after frequent attacks, was found by his sister, 13, in his bedroom.

Devastated mum Crystal Smith, from Houston, Texas, solely places the blame for his tragic death on March 21 on the kids who allegedly made his life a misery.

She told KTRK: “He just had enough. He just had enough and felt that he was backed into a corner.

“They wrote on his tablet to ‘kill yourself, you don’t belong here’.”


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Devastated Mom crystal..


His parents were out of the house at the time, Crystal was on a business trip and his stepdad was on his way home from work.

After she found his body, her daughter called her in hysterics and was “screaming down the phone that her brother is dead”.

She called him a “goofy child” and said that she is still in disbelief over what has happened.

The grieving mum says that Kevin’s school, Robinson Elementary School, denied that he was being bullied


late Kevin

Crystal claimed that just before Kevin’s death she received a voicemail from a school worker telling her that her son had accused another boy of punching him but that the boy had denied it.

She now wishes she had withdrawn him when she got that message

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