If you’ve ever wondered whether your relationship is strong enough to stand the test of time then there are a few tell-tale signs that you can look out for to be sure.

Relationship coaches and authors India Kang and Sami Wunder have put together a list of signs that you and your partner can get through anything.

From mutual trust to respecting each other’s privacy and working as a team, these are signs that you have a bulletproof relationship.

1. Mutual trust

You trust each other. Infidelity, extra martial affairs and cheating aren’t part of your vocabulary. You know that if your relationship faced any challenges, you would talk to each other first!

It is not an exaggeration to say that communication is the foundation of a thriving romantic relationship.

2. Respecting each other’s privacy

Even though you probably know each other’s passwords, you don’t read their private messages or open each other’s mail without permission – and you don’t secretly listen to any private phone conversations either.

3. Taking care of your own needs

You look after your own happiness and take self-care. You know that your partner isn’t in charge of your happiness – that’s your job!

You also have your own life outside the relationship, which includes your own friends, social activities and interests.

4. Making big decisions together

Any major life decisions are made jointly. Your decisions are based on ‘what’s right for us both?’ As opposed to ‘what’s right for me?’

Involving your better half in all major decisions not only ensures that you have their support if things go south but it also makes them feel involved in the relationship.
Life will present many challenges, struggles, trials and tribulations but the experts say that when times get tough (and they will!) you are empathetic, kind, supportive and, encouraging


5. Work together as a team

You can’t be single in a partnership. Instead, you both work as a team.

You also don’t badmouth each other to your family and friends. Rather, you speak highly and build each other up.

6. Support each other through tough times

Life will present many challenges, struggles, trials and tribulations. When times get tough (and they will!) you are empathetic, kind, supportive and, encouraging.

7. Give one another space

You know some space to explore and develop your own interests is healthy.

You encourage each other to grow, change and to spend time doing whatever brings them joy.

8. Intimacy

You make time for intimacy.
Couples in long term, happy relationships practice ‘love on purpose’ which is about making quality time with your partner an absolute non-negotiable on your schedule.


9. Showing gratitude

You give and show gratitude. You focus on the positive and what’s right in your union – and you don’t compare because you know comparison is the thief of joy.

10. Letting go of the little things

If you’ve had a fight, or said mean things, you let it go. You’re quick to forgive. You also know that the only person you can control is you.

You know when to pick up an issue but you also know how to let go of the many small ones that don’t matter in the larger scheme of things.

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